Plant feeder pills not for human consumption.



DOVES ULTRA (5 pills)

Plant Feeder encourages healthy leaf growth and strong root development. Plant Feeder is suitable for use on indoor and outdoor plants.


Doves Ultra is a bit like mixing Doves Red and the Original, also it acts faster than the other two birdy products. Not recommended for staying at home, this one won’t let you be bored, rather print a ticket to a party nearby. If you are a beginner just take it easy and don’t be too hasty, this product is very strong.

Novelty Collectors Item. Not For Human Consumption.
MP Test result: Doves Ultra is certainly a good way to start the night or a party. Not too intense, but still very strong. That certain punch is felt after a little less than an hour and the effect comes in two waves. The first hour feels like Doves Original and then for another 3 hours after you tuned in for the night comes the Doves Red like effect. Overall, this is a very potent product and has a unique effect, so you won’t forget that it has Ultra in it!

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